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  • When I paint, I never think of (― Edvard Munch)

When I paint, I never think of (― Edvard Munch)

Drawing Time: 20min Daily:)

When I paint, I never think of selling. People fail to understand that we paint in order to experiment and to develop ourselves as we strive for greater heights.

― Edvard Munch

Welcome to Daily Drawing! Turning your inbox into a habit trigger for drawing every day:) If you missed the welcome letter or are not sure how to get the most out of this newsletter, you can read it here.

And now for your daily drawing references:

Keep it Simple

Simple sketch of a blonde woman

Simple sketch of a fisherman

Sketch of a lions portrait

Keep it Interesting

Graphite sketch of a brunette woman

Ink sketch of an older man with beard and Irish cap


Kung Fu meditation retreat;)


Painting of a mountain stream

Waterfall sketch

Quick Surfing Trips:

News and Links:

  • MARK BOEDGES - I own one of Marks DVD’s and it’s superb. He also has a newsletter that he sends out once or twice a month with exceptional advice. Oil painters will benefit the most for his tips.

  • BEST OF WATERCOLOR - Competition

  • FLOWERS - 5 Tips for Simplifying Flowers

  • CHINA - How Academic Drawing Is Alive and Well in China

  • JAMES GURNEY BLOG -’Norman Rockwell paints modern America’. Article on AI in art that is kind of scary or kinda impressive… not sure which.

  • MEET UP - Don’t forget 3D. When you draw from a printed or screen reference, the subject is obviously already 2d. When you draw from life, its up to you to convert a 3d subject onto a 2d substrate. There is a skill here that shouldn’t be overlooked. Check meetup.com to find life drawing groups in your area. I guarantee your skills will benefit from drawing from life. Be modest and patient in your expectations of yourself, and trust that its a path to growth.

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Happy Sketching!

Drawing at its best is not…(― Millard Sheets)

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