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  • The chief enemy of creativity is…(Pablo Picasso)

The chief enemy of creativity is…(Pablo Picasso)

Drawing Time: 20min Daily:)

The chief enemy of creativity is ‘good’ sense.”

– Pablo Picasso

Good Morning to all you hardworking artists out there! Just a few words before you daily dose of inspiring references and prompts… I’ve been getting a lot of questions about how to start drawing as a beginner.

Here’s my best advice:

  • Just start drawing and draw a lot.

  • Don’t compare your art to others, be patient with yourself.

  • You learn the most at the beginning of a drawing. So instead of trying to make a perfect drawing, make ten imperfect drawings - you’ll improve faster.

  • Your 100th drawing is not 99+1, it’s 10x better. Daily practice, when consistent, adds up to exponential growth.

With that being said, I realize structure has it’s place and a good course can give us some direction when were floundering. The sponsored courses below are great value, even for those on a budget.

The first one is probably the best fit for those using the references in this newsletter. It starts very basic then walks you through drawing various portraits.

Shane Wolf is probably one of my favorite artists. His course is more of a classical approach for highly rendered figure drawing. Beautiful work.

Sorie’s course really embodies that sketch booking lifestyle, how to see the world as an artist and then lose yourself in the creative process. I just love sketchbooks…

Sponsored Art Courses:

Keep it Simple

Sketch of woman in hat

Profile sketch of man in hat

Keep it Interesting

Ink wash sketch of an elderly woman

Sketch of young man in glasses


Sketch of a woman walking down a city street

Photo Portrait

Photo portrait of a french woman

Photo portrait of young boy


Black and white photo of high desert mountains


Western desert painting

Ornate painting of a dark haired woman in silk

Quick Surfing Trips:

I wonder if they make a white noise generator with just sounds of a pencil on paper? I could fall asleep to that sound:)

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