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  • The Achilles heel of an artist…( ― Kapil Gupta)

The Achilles heel of an artist…( ― Kapil Gupta)

Drawing Time: 20min Daily:)

The Achilles heel of an artist lies in the hope that his art is good.”

― Kapil Gupta

Welcome to Daily Drawing! Turning your inbox into a habit trigger for drawing every day:) If you missed the welcome letter or are not sure how to get the most out of this newsletter, you can read it here.

And now for your daily drawing references:

Homework Edition! Scroll to the end for some videos to keep you busy through the weekend!

Keep it Simple

Simple sketch of an adorable little girl

Bold line sketch of an older man with beard

Simple sketch of a panda bear

Keep it Interesting

Close up sketch of an older woman

Profile sketch of a man with goatee


Cut out illustration of a woman walking in a field


Watercolor sketch of a lonely tree

Painting of a winter wonderland

Savanna sunrise painting


Photo of a little marvel I found in my backyard

Weekend Watchlist:

Rendering and Shading

A couple weeks ago I shared a quick tip for how to use the grid method to improve the accuracy of your drawings with out letting it turn into a crutch.

One secret of faster skill acquisition is to shorten the feedback loop. How accurately was the last line you drew in placed? As you improve your own good eye will serve as a feedback as you constantly measure, compare, and correct. But as your training your eye this little cellophane grid trick will help the accuracy of your drawing with out turning into a crutch.

But todays theme is shading and rendering and I wanted to share another quick and easy tip. And I mean that literally. The above work was a matter of minutes, around 10 to 20 minutes as I recall (of course I’m working small here).

But a few weeks ago I was working on a charcoal drawing on the opposite page of this sketch book and when I was finished I still had some gas left and just kept drawing with the charcoal…

Watch the above videos for a real deep dive on shading, but this tip is for quick sketching. The above shading work on the right is honestly the work of five minutes (keep in mind I had already drawn the structure and value patterns).

All I did was hit the dark value patterns with the charcoal pencil and used the brush to soften the edges into the light value patterns. Quick and easy:)

This technique works well when the subject has strong lighting. For gradual and subtle value changes, however, you’ll need a great deal more time and pencil grades.

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