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  • Simplicity is the ultimate …(–Leonardo Da Vinci)

Simplicity is the ultimate …(–Leonardo Da Vinci)

Drawing Time: 20min Daily:)

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

– Leonardo Da Vinci

Welcome to Daily Drawing!(FYI we are on a weekly schedule right now) Turning your inbox into a habit trigger for drawing every day:) If you missed the welcome letter or are not sure how to get the most out of this newsletter, you can read it here.

Keep it Simple

Simple graphite sketch of a young lady

Simple sketch of a gray beard in a hat

A short video of my version of sketching from the above reference.

A sketch of a zebra with artificial eyelashes;)

Keep it Interesting

Ink wash sketch of a sultry woman

Ink wash sketch of a man in a sleeveless shirt

Ostrich portrait experimenting with his first selfie stick!


Anime cutie dressed for winter

Casual man in need of a hair cut.

Photo Portrait

Photo portrait of a young redhead in period dress

Male model sporting dyed hair and cinema style composition


Graphite sketch of an old working barn

Highly rendered sketch of a farming tractor

Oil painting of a riverscape sunset

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