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  • Painting is just another way of …(Pablo Picasso)

Painting is just another way of …(Pablo Picasso)

Drawing Time: 20min Daily:)

Painting is just another way of keeping a diary.”

– Pablo Picasso

Keep it Simple

Sketch of a happy little girl

Simple sketch of a man in a hat and turtle neck

Keep it Interesting

Sketch of a young woman in sun hat

Charcoal sketch of a young black man


Figure sketch of a woman in superhero pose in skirt;)

Photo Portrait

Photo portrait of an outdoors woman

Photo of an anonymous physicist;)


Grayscale value sketch of… my back yard;)


Illustration of a little girl - RPG style

Image of a young lady - painterly style


The following couple of screen shots are taken from “Figure drawing for all its worth” by Andrew Loomis.

Now a common challenge many artist face is that they draw or paint a very accurate likeness, but for some reason add or subtract five, ten years from the subject. This can be very frustrating.

It’s a great thing when you start to internalize basic proportions of the head, but when drawing children we need to remember to adjust those instincts. For example, I often draw the nose of children too long and they look 14 years old instead of 4.

The following images are a helpful study aid in identifying the differences that age represents in typical drawing proportions.

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