I invent nothing…(Auguste Rodin)

Drawing Time: 20min Daily:)

I invent nothing, I rediscover.”

–– Auguste Rodin

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Keep it Simple

Simple profile of woman with curly hair

Illustration of an Asian man

Keep it Interesting

Sketch of a woman with blowing hair

Ink wash sketch of a man in suit


Watercolor sketch of men in hard hats

Photo Portrait

Photo of a blonde woman during sunset

Photo of a curly haired little boy


Black and white high mountain reflection lake


CGI painting of a woman

Cityscape watercolor

Daily Sktchr’s Discounts

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MstrSktch Metal Mechanical Drawing Pencils for Sketching in Leather Pencil Case, 2mm Lead Refills and Kneaded Eraser for Artists, Draftsman and Designers

So this guy is great for graphite artists especially when you use multiple hardness leads. The emery board (nail file) is in a plastic case so that you can put a nice long point on your leads, snap the case closed and not make a mess.

20% Off Claim Code: RE23UDTX

Leather Padfolio for Artists - Convertible with Carry Strap

This leather case I personally use a lot. I clip my sketchbook to the outside and open it to pull out what ever pen or pencil I want - perfect lap desk. It comes with a strap so you can carry it over your shoulder like a thin messenger bag.

10% Off Claim Code: A84K9UPR

MstrSktch Metal Mechanical Pencils for Drawing- 2mm Graphite Lead Refills, with Big Capacity Pencil Storage Case for Artists, School and Office

This set is very similar to the first but half the price (EVA case instead of leather). It also has only 3 mechanical pencils, but the value range on the leads is still very broad. The case is also a little thicker. Won’t fit in your back pocket but has room for some of your other favorite tools, in addtion to what comes with the kit.

10% Off Claim Code: Y9QATHZM

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